My Writing Portfolio

My portfolio showcases my various inkings across board over time, especially as published on platforms that are not mine. While I have worked extensively as a writer and content creator incognito, I’d like you to have a glimpse of what I’m capable of through these links. See my contact information below and get in touch.

  1. A fictional/non fictional piece about a young multitasking overworked junior lawyer. Read here.
  2. A DIY written from digital/email marketing experience on How to Build a Mailing List No One Wants to Unsubscribe From. Read here.
  3. Rape And Other Sexual Offences Under The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law 2015: An Innovation On The Criminal Code By Mofoluwawo Oluwapelumi Mojolaoluwa

  4. . Read here.
  5. Rape And Other Sexual Offences Under The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law 2015: An Innovation… Mofoluwawo Oluwapelumi

  6. . Read here.
  7. Looming Data Privacy Crisis Post Covid-19: NDPR To The Rescue

  8. . Read here.
  9. Funding Your Small Business the Smart Way

  10. . Read here.
  11. Curbing the Menace of Kidnapping in Edo State: The Edo State Kidnapping Prohibition (Amendment) Law 2013 to the Rescue

  12. . Read here.
  13. Towards the Prohibition of Kidnapping: An Examination of the Oyo and Bayelsa State Kidnapping Prohibition Laws

  14. . Read here.
  15. Diversification: A Panacea for Sustained Economic Recovery and Development

  16. . Read here.
  17. Private International Law and the Doctrine of Lis Alibi Pendens

  18. . Read here.
  19. Law and Morals are Two Parallel Lines of Thought

  20. . Read here.
  21. Recycling: Killing Two Birds With A Stone

  22. . Read here.
  23. Khafila

  24. (A sweet fictional tale). Read here.
  25. Evelyn’s Dilemma: Fiction by Mof’Oluwawo O. MojolaOluwa

  26. . Read here.
  27. The Interesting Life of a Bespectacled Naturalista

  28. (Fiction/Non fiction). Read here.
  29. Pounding Yam Is Not The Will Of God

  30. (A very hilarious essay). Read here.
  31. A father Christmas in June: Babalola v Equinox (Case Review). Read here.
  32. Lẹ́tà Méjì |Mof’Ólúwawò O MojọláOlúwa. Read here.
  33. Ẹ̀rọ Omi àti Ẹ̀rù | Mof’Ólúwawò O MojọláOlúwa. Read here.
  34. Book Review – The Domestication Of Munachi by Ifesinachi Okpagu

  35. . Read here.
  36. Book Review – Allah Is Not Obliged

  37. . Read here.
  38. “Self Love” by Mof’Oluwawo O MojolaOluwa

  39. . Read here.
  40. OLOJUKOKORO” by Mof’Oluwawo O MojolaOluwa

  41. . Read here.
  42. Bello v Ecobank: A New Sheriff is in Town. Read here.
  43. How to create e-content that generates traction while you’re asleep. Read here.
  44. Catch me on YouTube – Bar Talk with Ọlá. Click here.

Creating content is my magic. Let’s make magic together. Mail me at

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