How to create e-content that generates traction while you’re asleep

Forget actively pushing your content for a minute. Let’s talk about how to create content that pushes itself. I speak from my heart and I speak from experience. This will really be good for bloggers and YouTubers, and every other e-content creator depending on how well they can adapt this sure fire strategies to suit their type of content.

  • Write about the things you love. I’ll tell you why this is very important- it’s easier to do, and I’m all about comfort when creating content. This should not be mistaken for being lazy and not wanting to venture into new areas or do requisite research. It simply means- create content that interests, fascinates, comes easily to you. Easy-patsy!
  • Create content about the things other people love. What do people love? Football, food, natural hair, make up, pets, and so on. Content about what people like is timeless and will get you steady readership/viewership even on the slowest of days.

  • Create content about trends. What’s hot and trending? What’s a la mode? In Nigeria currently, people are excited about the new Lagos to Ibadan rail. If you were to try the train and document your experience you’ll get absolutely great readership whether you have a platform that can push the content or not. Your readers/viewers will find you themselves. That’s what’s trending, and it’s quite hot on the search engine for now I suppose. Oh some elements convinced me to try the train – I was not going to try it anytime soon because of the repeated breakdown reports for the Kano train but hey! So I really read up everything I could about the train on Twitter and Google and packed my bags for a Sunday ride. I already took a photo of the entrance of the railway station at Ebutte Meta for blogging purposes. Alas! It was not to be. The train does not work on Sunday! Now imagine doing your own post/video with the schedule included? A big plus to you. And it will be relevant content for a long time. In years to come people who want to compare and contrast the rail system’s development from inception to future dates would find your content. Tourists, first time train users, political propagandists, historians…will find your content.

  • Document your first times. There’s always someone out there looking to fly on your wings. First time you rode the train, first time you ate rice, your first vaginal birth experience, a first date, first IELTS attempt, first day in college… You could even make it a DIY such as things to bring on your first camping experience, what to wear to a first date, anything! These type of content pushes and sells itself.

  • Create DIY content: Do it yourself content is perhaps the most certain to generate traction. There’s always someone out there looking for a guide on practically anything. How to organize home schooling in a lockdown, how to shop for a bridal shower, how to assemble a rechargeable standing fan, how to bake chocolate cake, how to organise a send forth party, practically any thing. The other day I disassembled my 18 inch Ox rechargeable standing fan since I wanted to give it to someone. Got to the person’s house and we totally mixed up the screws even though I had assembled it the first time I bought it all by myself. Now even that first time, after I had assembled it, it was not coming on. I quickly ran online to google up a solution. So when we tried on the wrong screw for the umpteenth time, I googled – how to assemble an ox rechargeable fan and boom! It brought me a YouTube tutorial that saved the day. So DIYs and tutorials all the way!

  • Avoid empty silly click baits. So ensure that your topic actually reflects your content. Empty click baits will get you one time readership/viewership but might not get you followers or reader retention. It will not get you reposts and shares as well. If you’ve titled your video 10 ways to eat Baracuda for instance, I do not want to click and find in it a video of you bungee jumping on your last family vacation! Makes absolutely no sense! Of course catchy, attention stealing hot topics are welcome, but click baits had better not be deceptive or too watery.

  • Tags, metatags and Metadata– do not joke with this. Many people do not know that this is a very key factor to generating traction and getting readers /viewers for free. Observably, the most read posts on my blogs are not the ones I shared and reshared aggressively on my social media handles. They are by far the ones that pop up themselves when readers input certain search terms. So what’s the code here? Decipher those likely search terms and put them in your metadata and tags. So for instance, I have written or made a video about my first train ride experience. I would most likely include in my tags the following – Nigerian railway, Lagos to Ibadan train ride, Buhari train (which is the distasteful nickname given to the new train scheme), train ride on MojolaOluwa’s blog, how to board Buhari train, First train ride experience… This is free search engine optimization, use it wisely. For YouTube, if you’re uploading with a PC, there’s a more options option downwards the upload page for you to enter tags. Make sure you enter the video title, likely search terms, phrases if possible instead of singular words, and always enter your blog name/channel name as well. Much more than titles, tags propagate your content and improves the visibility in search engines faster. So appropriate tags and metadata all the way!

With these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to share an experential perspective of what you can do to improve your readership and viewership online for free and at no extra promotional costs, with you. I’ll see you in my next post! I unravelled my dreads! 😜

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